5 Pleasures You Can Enjoy under P50 or a Dollar

Who says you have to spend a fortune to have some fun. Here are 5 things that you’ll like under 50 Philippine pesos or $1:

  1. Street Foods– Dirty ice cream (ice cream sold in streets) anyone? May I suggest: buy ice cream and Coke. Instant DIY float…
  2. Books– Buy some Christian readable from BookSale (a second hand bookstore here in the Philippines) or PCBS (a popular Christian bookstore). Get some brain (and spiritual) food for a change.
  3. Videoke– Sing your heart’s content with a few coins in the machine.
  4. A trip to the local park or library– Where you can encounter #1 and read #2. Feel the heat of the sun, the wind and some peace and quiet.
  5. Treat someone with #1 to #4– Now that’s double pleasure!

Anything you can add to the list? Your comments are welcome!

(originally from my Facebook Notes, 14 September 2011)


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