Church News Round up: As of January 16, 2012

  1. Last January 6, we had a meeting for this year’s theme and lessons we will teach throughout 2012. Present in the meeting are the YP leaders, Sunday School teachers and our pastor to discuss this important matter. Kindly consider praying and supporting us as we grow to know Christ and be used in the church.
  2. Some of our YP members participated in a seminar last Saturday January 7, 2012 titled “How to Have a High Grades” hosted by Faith Way Baptist Church and New Life Christian Church. The seminar aims to help students from any school level to increase their grades. Our church was so thankful for Ptr. Neri Marrik for inviting us in this seminar. Please pray for us as we participate in these activities and learn new things to be used in school and church.

  3. After the seminar we visited our children’s Bible study over Villa Jem Subd.,. Its so great to see these kids and be able to teach them the word of God.
  4. Our January celebrants gave us a treat after our gospel hour last Sunday. Everyone enjoyed ice cream and cake from Sis Mai and Chariz (our pastor’s daughter) birthday blowout. Happy birthday and we pray that God will grant you more years in serving Him.


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