5 Delicious Things You Can Do with Coffee

Make your coffee experience extraordinary without ordering it at Starbucks. Check out 5 things you can do with your coffee

  1. Freeze it. Enjoy it cold. Caffeine brain freeze anyone?
  2. Dunk something in it. Dip your donuts, bread sticks or Oreo (not just on milk). I love the warm and soft texture of those food dipped on coffee.
  3. Use alternative ingredients. Instead of white sugar use brown sugar. Try using condensed or evaporated milk instead of creamer. Top whip cream or chocolate bits. I once tried brewed coffee with Pakaskas (caramelized buli leaves juice) as sweetener. Yummy!
  4. Splash it on something. Filipinos love this: rice dashed with coffee. Coffee porridge.
  5.  Drink it at unusual places and time. Indulge hot coffee on a hot day. Take it to the gym. Try it on the beach.

Do you love coffee? Tell me how you enjoy it?

(originally from my Facebook Notes, 29 September 2011)


4 thoughts on “5 Delicious Things You Can Do with Coffee

  1. Oh, we LOVE coffee. It’s our ultimate inexpensive luxury. Let’s see, we:

    Serve it to the younger ones mixed with lots of milk and a bit of sugar.
    Mix packs of hot cocoa mix with it just for fun.
    Add vanilla, almond or some other flavoring and a bit of sugar to it.
    One of my sons added strawberry syrup to it (the kind used for milk) and loved it.

    Yep, lots and lots of ways to enjoy it. Great post. Thanks!.

  2. Have you tried affogato?


    It’s really just gelato or plain ice cream with a shot of espresso. Interesting concoction.

    Coffee and chocolate to make mocha drink.

    Make a paste from coffee granules and use to dye hair. Leave on for half an hour.

    And of course, coffee enema. Look up “Natural Remedy” – she’s an FB friend, pastor’s wife and maybe you can get a discount ;P

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