5 Reasons Why Friendster Died

Admit it. Not so long ago you have an account on Friendster. Probably it your first social media experience. Then it died. And here are the reasons:

  1. Jazzing up your profile is tiring. You put a profile picture; choose themes, videos, music, header, glittery cursor etc., etc. if you get tired of how it looks your repeat the whole process. Then Facebook and Twitter came along. Friendster is history.
  2. After the blog then what. For me one of the greatest milestones in Friendster is offering a blog. There you can post articles, pictures and videos. But Friendster stopped there. Nothing to offer.
  3. Not much interaction. It’s only through private messaging and comments you can interact with. Nothing more.
  4. It’s not addicting enough. Nothing to come back to. No link or video to share and to discuss to. You can even leave Friendster for a month and forget about it.
  5. Not all your friends can be there. It’s not that super user friendly like Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you like this article. So what’s your reason why Friendster died?

(originally from my Facebook Notes  ,29 September 2011)


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Friendster Died

      • ah I have saved most of my blog entries there and copied them as word file..nevertheless I still miss the friendster blog effect hehehe..

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