Reformed Children’s Books

Just recently I had this taste for children’s books. I’m interested on how to deliver the story and where the pictures will fit in that kids will easily understand important doctrines like salvation. I’m fascinated on how God uses simple stories and songs to reveal His love for them.  It started when I got involved with children’s ministry. Attending a Sunday School workshop (hosted by our main church) and being a trainee of Sis Wennie as she handles children’s Bible study fueled me up to try Children’s ministry. Also having a privilege to preach to our Children’s Sunday School Christmas Fellowship gave me a boost in considering this ministry. If I haven’t mentioned it yet I have a goal this year to have a children’s library for my church. So I’m soaked with the idea in children’s ministry. So far it was a blessing from God and lot’s of lesson learned. It opens me as a Christian that children:

1.) Are loved by God.

2.)  A constant reminder that entering God kingdom we need to have a child like faith.

3.) To show love and care for them for the gospel sake.

Anyway, so much for that. Last year, thanks to a couple of blogs, I found two unique audiobooks of Reformed children’s books. The books are available in hard copy on Amazon. It’s free to download and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

One is from Ligionier Ministries titled “The Barber Who Wanted to Pray” by R.C. Sproul. I was quite intrigue with the title it made me try download it anyway. R.C. Sproul himself narrates this 13 minute tale of Luther about prayer that for sure kids will appreciate it. Nice flow of the story.I love Sproul’s voice. I find it superb and older kids will be glued to it (and adults too). You can download it by clicking here.

Another is The Quest for Comfort: The Story of the Heidelberg Cathecism by William Boekestein. This book got me thinking hmmm…a children’s book about the history of a catechism? That’s so odd for me. But all of that diminished when I heard the audiobook. A children’s book that is not only entertaining but informative. A true to life story of the 3 authors (Caspar Olevianus, Zacharius Ursinus, and Frederick III) and their journey in writing the catechism. Also let me shout it out: the artwork is excellent! It blew me off. Evan Hughes illustrations are amazing. You can watch the book trailer here and download the 16 minute audiobook here.

I hope you guys like these free audiobooks for kids. Buy the hard copy and give it to your kids. Make it a part of your children’s library. If God tugs your heart to serve children, heed to His calling.  Do it for your spiritual growth and for God’s glory. God bless you!!!

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