Used Book Finds: Discipleship: Ministry Up Close and Personal by Chuck R. Swindoll

      God used Charles Swindoll in my writing and preaching ministry. I love the way he explains verses then make it very practical. I copy some of his writing techniques so to make messages clear and simple. His books are the best specially on Christian living. Truly I’m in debt with this Bible teacher.

Through the help of BookSale (a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), I have collected books from this author. His Bible Study Guides (companion to his radio teachings) are very useful especially in Sunday School. I gave Discipleship: Ministry Up Close and Persona l (copyright 1990 Charles R. Swindoll) to our pastor then he used it in our Sunday School. Then he lends it to me for my personal study of discipleship. What a blessing it is.

If ever you find a book of his in BookSale to recommend that you get it. Many will benefit on his teachings.

So what’s your favorite book on discipleship? Please post it on the comment.

Digital Round Up #1

Howdy Amigos! Digital Round Up is Delighting Grace weekly roundup of great articles, websites, blogs, apps, videos, MP3, e-books, links and other freebies pick fresh for your discriminating taste. Please enjoy and use these resources for the glory of God. So come on, indulge and come back for more….

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Leslie Ludy’s SetApartGirl Magazine Jan/Feb 2012

Fresh New Fonts for Designers

Tony Morgan’s e-book “Hanging up the Leisure Suit”

FREE Photoshop actions

From The Blog Archive:

6 Incredible and Powerful Sermons Found in the Bible

Quote of the Week

“Faith has in it element of valuing embracing, prizing, relishing Christ. ”–John Piper

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Video of the Week

New from Skit Guys: I Had Sex


till next time!!!!

8 Steps to Unleash the Graphic Designer in You

By no means have I considered myself an expert on graphic designing.  I tip my hat to those who are professional in this line. But that shouldn’t stop you and me to be creative and show it to the world. Here are some coals to fire up the graphic designer in you.

  1. Starts shooting photos- mobile phone or a low MP camera, you have no excuse for not catching that great image. Get those moments that excites you enough. Save it on your laptop or PC.
  2. Get or download a photo editing software- this will enable you to create, manipulate, enhance photos, graphics, etc. Photoshop is the most popular of this software but you can download alternatives like GIMP 2 for FREE.
  3. Download textures- these are pictures or wallpapers that has different cool design that are use in graphic design. Google some of it for FREE. Some textures I like are grunge, wood, metal, bokeh, fabric, paper etc. I use it as flyers or cards or simple wallpaper for your laptop.
  4. Download Photoshop action packs- save your time with editing textures or photos with this action packs for Photoshop. You don’t have to wonder how to add drama to your pictures. Now you can enhance your photographs in a breeze. Google it and you’ll find some for free.
  5. Download fonts- a simple search in Google will yield tons of fonts. From artsy to funky fonts to dash some cool letters to your work of art.
  6. Check other photography or graphic design websites- get some dose of tips and inspirations for your design projects.
  7. Post your works- blog it, put on a photo sharing site like Flickr or post it on FaceBook so others might see it, appreciate it or criticize it.
  8. Print your works- buy some board, photo or sticker paper and see how your creations in print form. Also it’s a great way to share it by giving it to your friends.

There you have it. Do you want to add some of your ideas? Please post it on the comment.

(originally from my Facebook Notes, 25 August 2011)

Show Me Thy Glory

I was in for a treat. Yes a spiritual one. To begin with I’m not prepared for this. It was a bad idea for not bringing a camera over our church. Then we were told we will attend a church anniversary service. I miss an opportunity to document it. It wasn’t bad I still got Ptr. Edwin Tan’s autograph. But more than (and much more than that!) that I get to hear his preaching on Exodus 33. It turned out to be a blessed night for us. I may not be able to shoot some photos but I got to sit down and jot the message from this beloved pastor. The message was penetrating for us who are constantly seeking God and wanting to know Him deeply. I hope and pray that this message will also have an impact to you.

Show Me Thy Glory by Ptr. Edwin Tan

Text: Exodus 33: 18-23

And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.


And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.


And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.


And the LORD said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock:


And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by:


And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen.


Introduction: Moses has already witness God’s power. He now wants to see God’s glory.

Dilemma: We can’t see God’s glory and live!

Question: How can we see God’s glory?

I. Acknowledge His Grace (v.19)


  1. Jesus died for our sin (Romans 8:1)
  2. The cross coming to your life

II. Appreciate His Goodness (v. 18)

  1. Understand His goodness to us.
  2. Look not only in the big things but also on the little things God gave to us.

III. Accept His Guidance. (v. 23)

  1. Be on the right spot to see his guidance and glory


Question: Do you want to see God and His glory?

Answer: Be on the back part of God and be ready to follow Him.

5 Pleasures You Can Enjoy under P50 or a Dollar

Who says you have to spend a fortune to have some fun. Here are 5 things that you’ll like under 50 Philippine pesos or $1:

  1. Street Foods– Dirty ice cream (ice cream sold in streets) anyone? May I suggest: buy ice cream and Coke. Instant DIY float…
  2. Books– Buy some Christian readable from BookSale (a second hand bookstore here in the Philippines) or PCBS (a popular Christian bookstore). Get some brain (and spiritual) food for a change.
  3. Videoke– Sing your heart’s content with a few coins in the machine.
  4. A trip to the local park or library– Where you can encounter #1 and read #2. Feel the heat of the sun, the wind and some peace and quiet.
  5. Treat someone with #1 to #4– Now that’s double pleasure!

Anything you can add to the list? Your comments are welcome!

(originally from my Facebook Notes, 14 September 2011)

Used Book Finds: I Call It Heresy! By A. W. Tozer

Tozer has a couple of fans over our main church. Calvinist or Arminian, they love this author because of how deep his biblical teaching and how he spoke to the hearts and mind of Christians. “Attributes of God” and “Pursuit of God” are on top of their list if you ask them what to read. I too was influence by them on what to read to further satisfy my spiritual appetite.

BookSale (a second hand/used book store in the Philippines) has all these paperbacks of books from well known author. With a little sweat and patience you can find one. “I Call it Heresy!” sub-titled”Twelve Sermons in Peter’s First Epistle” (Christian Publication, Inc. 1974) you can find this modern day prophet speaks on the condition of the church.  The opening chapter (which the book got its name) is something to read in the light of the so-called “Lordship Salvation” controversy (and you thought that is a recent issue). Do you accept Jesus as Savior now and then accept it Him Lord afterwards? Well to get the answer (and give you some suspense) go find this book at BookSale, PCBS or check it in the Internet. It’s worth the hassle.

Do you like Tozer? Please post it on the comment.

Church News Round up: As of January 16, 2012

  1. Last January 6, we had a meeting for this year’s theme and lessons we will teach throughout 2012. Present in the meeting are the YP leaders, Sunday School teachers and our pastor to discuss this important matter. Kindly consider praying and supporting us as we grow to know Christ and be used in the church.
  2. Some of our YP members participated in a seminar last Saturday January 7, 2012 titled “How to Have a High Grades” hosted by Faith Way Baptist Church and New Life Christian Church. The seminar aims to help students from any school level to increase their grades. Our church was so thankful for Ptr. Neri Marrik for inviting us in this seminar. Please pray for us as we participate in these activities and learn new things to be used in school and church.

  3. After the seminar we visited our children’s Bible study over Villa Jem Subd.,. Its so great to see these kids and be able to teach them the word of God.
  4. Our January celebrants gave us a treat after our gospel hour last Sunday. Everyone enjoyed ice cream and cake from Sis Mai and Chariz (our pastor’s daughter) birthday blowout. Happy birthday and we pray that God will grant you more years in serving Him.


5 Delicious Things You Can Do with Coffee

Make your coffee experience extraordinary without ordering it at Starbucks. Check out 5 things you can do with your coffee

  1. Freeze it. Enjoy it cold. Caffeine brain freeze anyone?
  2. Dunk something in it. Dip your donuts, bread sticks or Oreo (not just on milk). I love the warm and soft texture of those food dipped on coffee.
  3. Use alternative ingredients. Instead of white sugar use brown sugar. Try using condensed or evaporated milk instead of creamer. Top whip cream or chocolate bits. I once tried brewed coffee with Pakaskas (caramelized buli leaves juice) as sweetener. Yummy!
  4. Splash it on something. Filipinos love this: rice dashed with coffee. Coffee porridge.
  5.  Drink it at unusual places and time. Indulge hot coffee on a hot day. Take it to the gym. Try it on the beach.

Do you love coffee? Tell me how you enjoy it?

(originally from my Facebook Notes, 29 September 2011)

The Tipping Point of John Wesley

In his book Tipping Point, author Malcom Gladwell sites John Wesley, founder of the Methodist denomination on how he organizes the movement in a way that it spread like wildfire. He mentioned Wesley’s method because of his book tackles how an “epidemic” (craze, trend or fad) spread and succeed to be accepted by the people. Gladwell looks at the Wesley’s way of spreading Methodism a good example of such epidemic:

“In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, for example, the Methodist movement became epidemic in England and North America, tipping from 20,000 to 90,000 followers in the U.S. in the space of five or six years in the 1780s.” (pg. 172)


The book goes to say about the influential preacher secret:

“But Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, was by no means the most charismatic preacher of his era….His genius was organizational.” Wesley would travel around England and North America delivering open-air sermons to thousands of people. But he didn’t just preach. He also stayed long enough in each town to form the most enthusiastic of his converts into religious societies, which in turn he subdivided into smaller classes of a dozen or so people. Converts were required to attend weekly meetings and to adhere to a strict code of conduct. If they failed to live up to Methodist standards, they were expelled from the group.This was a group, in other words, that stood for something. Over the course of his life, Wesley traveled ceaselessly among these groups, covering as much as four thousand miles a year by horseback, reinforcing the tenets of Methodist belief. He was a classic Connector. He was a super Paul Revere. The difference is, though, that he wasn’t one person with ties to many other people. He was one person with ties to many groups, which is a small but critical distinction. Wesley realized that if you wanted to bring about a fundamental change in people’s belief and behavior, a change that would persist and serve as an example to others, you needed to create a community around them, where those new beliefs could be practiced and expressed and nurtured.” (pp. 172-173)


Gladwell’s observations on John Wesley’s method in his book was a good one.  Very commendable. But the truth is, it’s more than that. Let me point out two things:

  1. We can easily dismiss that a church rapid growth is by the leader’s initiative or his assets. The world simply put it that way and eventually a rapid developing church, movement, or a group can be line up on company, latest fashion trends or business success. Sometimes you can’t spot the differences. The reality is God used John Wesley to spread the gospel and built His church. That’s the secret.
  2.  Church and corporate entities are both under the sovereignty of God. But the church has a special part in God’s heart. The church is God’s bride. The church or the body of Christ composed of saved sinners, comes together to worship God and find nourishment on God’s Word the Bible. We interact with fellow believers and participate for the Great Commission. We also are to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the unbelievers in the hope to bring them to Christ. Our business affiliation or work places are to be considered our mission field. We carry orders from the church. It’s in the church we learn the lesson but our practical application of it is in secular organization whether we work or study there.

John Wesley as well as every preachers God called throughout the centuries to produce revivals has a sort of tipping point. God being full of grace and mercy gave different gifts to these men to win people to the gospel. If you’re a Christian tell God in what area will you be useful to Him. Let us be totally dependent to Him in every ministry we have. And only by Him and through Him your ministry might be the next tipping point.

5 Reasons Why Friendster Died

Admit it. Not so long ago you have an account on Friendster. Probably it your first social media experience. Then it died. And here are the reasons:

  1. Jazzing up your profile is tiring. You put a profile picture; choose themes, videos, music, header, glittery cursor etc., etc. if you get tired of how it looks your repeat the whole process. Then Facebook and Twitter came along. Friendster is history.
  2. After the blog then what. For me one of the greatest milestones in Friendster is offering a blog. There you can post articles, pictures and videos. But Friendster stopped there. Nothing to offer.
  3. Not much interaction. It’s only through private messaging and comments you can interact with. Nothing more.
  4. It’s not addicting enough. Nothing to come back to. No link or video to share and to discuss to. You can even leave Friendster for a month and forget about it.
  5. Not all your friends can be there. It’s not that super user friendly like Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you like this article. So what’s your reason why Friendster died?

(originally from my Facebook Notes  ,29 September 2011)