The Greatest Gift for God

(Psalms 116: 12&13, 17-19)

Notice the title of this devotion: “The Greatest Gift for God”. Look closely at the word “for” and not “from”. Its means we are the ones who will be giving the gift. We know the greatest gift from God is His Son—Jesus Christ. We have heard it many times that He died to purchase us from sin and made us child of God. He is our only way of salvation. And that His greatest gift to us.

But have you ever wonder what can I give in return to God. King David, in writing this psalm ponders that question too. You might be surprise with the answer.

Psalms 116: 12 we read “What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?”

I know you might be receiving much of blessing from God. A good career, good health, debt free and a happy family. This Christmas season for sure you’ll receive presents from people who cares for you. With all those blessings we have this intuition to somewhat share our blessings. We can give it to charities, feed the needy and help elevate the community. Those are good things but what really is the gift”… I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?” what is the most acceptable and pleasing to God that He will gladly receive if I have to present something to Him?

The following verse reveals the answer.

Psalms 116:13  “I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.”


Accepting the gift of salvation He is offering. Have you accepted it? God’s greatest gift to us is His Son, Jesus Christ. Our greatest gift towards God is accepting it. God and man’s meeting point is the gift of Christ. This is the divide exchange gift were Christ is the only acceptable gift in both parties. Dear reader, God has spoken. What is the very thing that most dear for Him if we ask what can we give back to Him. It is receiving Jesus Christ. You don’t have to look further for the best gift you can give to God. It’s in Christ, holy and acceptable to God. Have you received His as your Lord and personal Savior? You can receive Him by faith (Eph. 2: 8-9) and faith alone.

And if you accepted His precious gift He will accept you as heirs of His kingdom and be with Him for all eternity. Your life in earth will be a big adventure as you walk with Him by faith.

Now a gift received and offered is worth rejoicing on. How can I rejoice of this greatest gift God gave to me and what I gave to Him, so I can draw further blessing and joy?

The latter part of the Psalm gives us three things:

  1. Prayer (vs. 17)-give thanks to Him and ask for more blessings. God is happy if we thank and depend on Him always. Pray that God will reveal His will as you read the Bible.
  2. Testimony (vs. 18)-Show what He has done to you. Do it publicly. Share Jesus by evangelizing. Tithe to show that you trust Him and care for the furtherance of His gospel.
  3. Worship (vs. 19)-praise and worship Him in the proper place. Attend a Bible-preaching and believing church for your spiritual growth.

(originally from R.O.C.K. Campus Ministry FB page Notes, Sunday December 5, 2010)


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift for God

  1. Gladly living the gift and praying that more and more will drink the cup of salvation through Jesus. Thanks for imparting Nitoy! 🙂

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