Book Review: Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper

Still in the theme of “God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him” Piper with his uncanny gift of Bible expository make this book another blockbuster. You might have been anticipating that he will write a book about it thinking and how it relates to Christian Hedonism.

Loving God is the most essential in treasuring God. Piper reminds us Matthew 22; 37-39, to love God will all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind. Meaning all faculties of our being should be engaged in loving Him. Since this book is about the mind, thinking of God with a deep pursuit to know God should have its depth in understanding not merely making a decision or having good thought.

Piper in the following chapters gives a one-two punch to the culture of relativism. Relativism is not a mark of being free and intelligent, but in God’s eyes it is foolishness and by pride it enslaves us. Surely this book is not only to exhort us to think but an indictment for those who think they are wise. Let’s put our thinking under the banner of humbleness and being God dependent. In the end, Piper puts, that we should make God the end of our thinking. And any out flow or fruit of this God centered thinking should benefit others. All scholarship of men, Piper writes ,must lead to the Creator of the mind.

Before he ends the book, John Piper pleas to the non-thinkers and thinkers. Wow what a great ending! Since one of his advices is to thank those thinkers that made an impact especially in the field of theology, I would like to do it here. Thank you Pastor John Piper for thinking, writing and preaching for the glory of God and inviting us to make most of God in everything we do.

Notable Quotes:

“The infinite glory of Jesus makes him infinitely valuable and infinitely satisfying”—John Piper

“Deeper than knowing God is being known by God.”—John Piper

“The only kind of faith that matters in the end is saving faith.”—John Piper

“Faith saves because it receives Jesus.” —John Piper

“Loving God is most essentially treasuring God-valuing him, cherishing him, admiring him, desiring him.” —John Piper

“In all my rejoicing in everything, there is a central rejoicing in God.” —John Piper

“Every joy that does not have God as its central gladness is a hollow joy and in the end will burst like a bubble.” —John Piper

Published by OMF Literature Inc. the book sells for P 295.00 but since I OMF is giving 20% off promo I got it for 250 pesos.


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