I Met Ptr. Pio Tica in Person!

Our mother church, Good Shepherd Baptist Church Batangas City had its 31st Anniversary last Dec. 11, 2011 with Ptr. Pio Tica as guest speaker. He is one of the prominent pastor in the Philippines and an author like his brother, Ptr. Gavino Tica. He is the pastor of Malabon International Baptist Church. Having the theme “Desiring God Above All”, Ptr. Tica preached Psalms 73: 21-28. It’s truly a blessing to hear this pastor and jot down the his sermon (thanks to Sis Mhei for filling some missing parts and for Sis May for scribbling some of it on my notebook J).

Desiring God

Psalms 73: 21-28

  1. What People Desire
    1. Prosperity
    2. Protection
    3. Provision
  2. Desire of God’s People

Psalms 73: 25

Exodus 33: 14-15

  1. Let us desire to delight the Word of God Psalms 1: 1-3
  2. Desire the will of God-
    1. Let me know your will God and I’m willing to obey
    2. The biggest accomplishment you can have in life is to know the just will of God

3.            Desire to Worship God Phil. 4: 6-7

Conclusion:  “If you have Jesus Christ, you have everything. If you don’t have Jesus Christ you have nothing. “

After the preaching, I was able to get his autograph and had a picture with him (thanks Bro. Henry).



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