Church Round up News: December 2011

  1. It’s a great privilege to handle these youngsters for quite some time now but it time for somebody’s turn to handle it. Ptr. Joberth Hernandez gave the baton to Bro. R-Jay to handle the young people group. Me on the other hand will be doing some preaching on our Gospel Hour service. Bro. Kim will be preaching on our Sunday school and Bro. Renar will handle the Worship service. We will take turns on every Sunday services. Please pray for us as we minister to our mission house.
  2. Christmas is around the corner so we will have our Christmas Fellowship on the 3rd week of December. Please intercede for us.
  3. Gift giving is not just for members but to less fortune kids. We will have our gift giving program to children in one of our B.S. in Villa Gem. The Young People group and leaders of R.O.C.K.If God moves you to help give present to these children (our pastor decided it will be school supplies) please contact me and I’ll give you additional details of it.
  4. Please include Sis. Stella in your prayers. She wants to follow Christ in baptism. We hope and pray that, if God willing, before the year ends she will be baptized.
  5. Praise God for a new contact for our book drive ministry. After posting a picture on Creation Moments FB group someone replied and commit to send us used books periodically for us to donate in schools here in San Pascual and Batangas City are. As of now, we have 3 colleges, 4 universities, 2 public libraries and 2 national high schools that benefited with this book drive. We hope and pray that you can pray and support this ministry.

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