Sheena Loves Sunsets: Sheena Kristen Sy Speaks out on Delighting Grace

Delighting Grace:  It’s so refreshing that in this day in age where people love Disney characters and secular motivational quotes, people like you still makes stuff like these. So tell me what makes Sheena Loves Sunsets items “click” to people?
Sheena Kristen Sy: Oh but I love Disney! Haha! I might not be the best person to ask why my items “click” (I think you should ask my customers!) but I believe it is because in all my works, I just use God’s Word plain and simple. The Bible is full of so many inspiring verses that people can easily relate to and apply in their lives!


Delighting Grace: Your items from notebook to mugs are inspirational. So for you what makes something inspiring enough to be share to someone?

Sheena Kristen Sy: I think that God’s Word is inspiring in itself and that what I’m doing is simply sharing those words in my own way, in my own style and medium. Some people share His Word through music, some through preaching and some through art. These merchandise are my way of sharing the Bible to people.

DG:   For us Christians, our true source of spiritual strength is from God’s Word. How do you start your day with God?

SKS: I start my day with a smile and “good morning” to the King of Kings! Spending time with Him in prayer and in reading His Word varies for me. Most of the time I do it while having breakfast, but there are also times when I do it at night when it’s more peaceful and quiet.
DG: What’s your fave Bible verse or life verse and why?

SKS: My life verse is Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive, beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” I chose it as my life verse because it spoke to me in a very real way when I was just a new believer. The world throws you all this ideas about beauty and on how women should be like and sometimes it’s hard not to feel insecure when you look at yourself. This verse reminds me always that I don’t need to please others all the time, or feel the need to always reach a certain (worldly) standard because for God, it’s simple, he simply looks at my heart. He doesn’t want me to be the most beautiful girl or to use my charm to win people’s hearts; all He asks from me is to fear Him and to trust Him in everything. What a relief! 🙂
DG: Your drawings are cute and some are humorous. Tell us how the drawing process is.

SKS: Sometimes the drawings come first then the verse after, and sometimes it’s the verse first and the drawing after. It varies a lot. As for the drawing process itself, I sketch it on paper then I take a photo, upload it on my computer and color it using Photoshop.


DG:  What among your items really got a lot of appreciation in terms of the quote and the drawings?

SKS: My best sellers: Psalm 34:7 notebook (“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”) and the Psalm 138:8 mug (“The Lord will always work out His plans for my life”) I don’t know if the color pink has anything to do with it, but they’re both pink! Haha!
DG:  If you have one piece of advice for someone who wants to do what you do, what is it?

SKS: Go for it! If God has blessed you with a passion and the ability to pursue it, then why aren’t you doing so? It is such a waste to see people settle for anything less than the dreams God has placed in their hearts.
DG: Do you have a specific goal in your products like will it be evangelistic or something like motivate people to pick up a Bible and read it?

SKS: The goal of Sheena Loves Sunsets is simple: it’s to encourage people to read (and continue reading) God’s Word! I want people to to use my products in their everyday lives so that they will always be reminded of God’s truths no matter what they’re doing; whether they’re in school studying for an exam, or chilling out and drinking their favorite cup of tea! I think it’s such a shame that a lot of people are not familiar with the messages in the Bible because they really are very inspiring and they can help so many people get through with the different challenges they face in their lives.

DG: Sheena thanks for your time for this interview. Please invite our readers to check your inspirational products and things you do.

SKS: Thank you for the opportunity! Please do check out my drawings and current products at! Hope you like them!


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