Used Book Finds: Time Out: Daily Devotions for Young People by Al Bryant

As Christmas starts to peak around the corner I guess that you already have a Christmas gift for your friends and family. Well if not maybe you have to start shopping for it. With a quick visit to your Christian bookstore you can find books to give to someone. Let me suggest how about letting your friends and relatives start a devotional time with devotional books. Not only will it remind him or her about you in the next 365 days but you’ll be able to share God. Like what I have discovered in my recent trip in BookSale (a used/second hand bookstore in the Philippines). The title is “Time Out: Daily Devotions for Young People” by Al Bryant. Short (but sweet) devotional entries everyday from the author and insight from different personalities in Christendom including Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, F.B. Meyer and more. Geared towards youngsters the topic ranges from love, spiritual growth, money, decisions etc. Published by Zondervan Books on its 12th printing 1976. I love the contents as well as the groovy cover. Got it for a wooping 5 Pesos!!! Find it BookSale or check devotional books on PCBS for a fitting gift for the holidays. Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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