J. C. Ryle Lives! Delighting Grace Interviews Erik Kowalker of J.C. Ryle Quotes Blog

For those who don’t know, J.C. (John Charles) Ryle is a Puritan preacher known for his writings on different Christian topics. It’s truly a blessing to read old stuff from godly Christians from yesteryear. Delighting Grace (DG) talked to Erik Kowalker blogger of J.C. Ryle Quotes.

Delighting Grace: First off, I just want to say we have something in common: We are bloggers and we post quotes. Where do you draw that passion for blogging and sharing godly wisdom at the same time?

Erik Kowalker: I view blogging as a tool to bless and encourage the universal body of Christ. I’ve enjoyed J.C. Ryle’s writings for several years now, so it’s simply a “labor of love” to provide his quotes on my blog.

 Delighting Grace: For you, what makes a great quote? 

Erik Kowalker: A great quote is one that hits the mind and heart. And the shorter, the better in my book. Folks are so busy (I once heard the average person spends 96 seconds on a website…that’s the average…most spend less.) Folks simply don’t have the time to read paragraph after paragraph so, in my humble opinion, the shorter, insightful quote will penetrate a little more than the lengthy drawn out quote.

Delighting Grace:  I love reading old Puritan works but J.C. Ryle stands out for me. When I’m reading his work, I said to myself, “Is this guy really dead? Am I really reading a hundred year old stuff?” Do you have those thoughts also?

Erik Kowalker: I absolutely understand where you are coming from. J.C. Ryle wrote the majority of his writings in the mid to late 1800’s, yet it is still fresh today. I truly believe Ryle’s writings connect with so many people for this one reason: clarity. Ryle has the uncanny ability/gift to make the difficult things in Christianity/theology so incredibly simple to understand.

DG: If you could recommend one book about J.C. Ryle that I should read, what is it and why?

EK: If you’ve never read anything by J.C. Ryle, I would humbly suggest reading his little 30+ page booklet on The Call to Prayer. It’s encouraging and convicting, all at the same time. It also gives you a feel for Ryle’s style of writing. Then, I would recommend his classic book Holiness, written in 1877, which Ryle is most famous for.

DG: As bloggers we strive to be unique in terms of the content of our blog so it will stand out. In your part what steps do you do to offer something that other blogs don’t have?

EK: I simply offer the works of a dead man whose books have blessed hundreds of thousands of folks over the past century. That is how I strive to be different. I’m just a guy who appreciates John Charles Ryle for his ability to communicate the truths of Scripture so clearly and I’ve decided to share it with the blogosphere.

DG: If J.C. Ryle were alive today and you met him, what would you say to him? What do you think will he say about you blogging his works?

EK: I would stretch out my hand to Ryle and shake it firmly, thanking him for writing with conviction and also, with a sensitive, pastoral heart. From reading Ryle’s biography and observing his personality, I would say that Ryle would probably blush at seeing a website in his name. 🙂

DG: How can our readers get those great quotes from JC Ryle you dish out? Can they find it on Twitter and Facebook?

EK: You can first and foremost visit the J.C. Ryle Quotes site at www.jcrylequotes.com to view over 500 of Ryle’s Christ-centered quotes.
You can follow Ryle on Facebook and also on Twitter. Thanks for the questions. I hope your readers enjoy visiting the site and benefiting from the works of J.C. Ryle.

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