16 Crucial Questions Every Catholic Should Ask

1. What if I die today will I be in heaven?

2. Why is it that my church is the “the one true church” yet I cannot assure of heaven?

3. If the pope cannot assure spending eternity in heaven, how about me, an ordinary Catholic?

4. Why is it hard for me to ask questions regarding my faith? Do I consider it evil to ask? Am I too embarrassed? Or too confident to my church I haven’t bothered to check it out?

5. Have I read the official catechisms of my church? Have I read Bible references? Are the verses used to justify the teachings biblically sound or out of context?

6. What is the difference between veneration and worship? Can I give examples of both to give clear distinction from the two words? Does lighting candles’, kissing images, and praying to saints, kneeling to go to the altar while reciting the rosary a form of worship or veneration? Can all devotion mention be given to God and call it worship then the same devotions will be given to saints and the Virgin Mary be called veneration?
7. When I read the Bible specially the New Testament why cant I read about the popery, priest, monks, nuns, indulgences, purgatory, scapular, relics, rosary, prayers for the dead, good works, infant baptism, confession, confirmation, last rites, holy water, etc?
8. Does having been able to trace the roots of the church to the New Testament church make my religion true even if it doesn’t really resembles it? Are their any more ways to know if my church is true?

9. Are early church fathers (Augustine, Justin Martyr, Jerome, Origen, etc) reliable? The church to confirm the doctrines has used them but some of them contradict each other and contradicts some teachings.

10. Have I kept the 10 Commandments if following them will assure me of heaven? How about the other more than 500 Mosaic laws that I need to fulfill? And how about the Church’s approximately 700 dogma and teachings? Have I followed them flawlessly if I do not want to go to hell?

11. If committing sin to me is a mistake and makes me imperfect how about those things that I should have done but didn’t (sin of omission)?

12. Is Jesus my Savior or is He just my Helper to go to heaven?

13. Why is the doctrine of papal infallibility only came to be a teaching today? Does that mean from the past centuries of not having this doctrine the Catholic Church is in error and not guided by the Holy Spirit or is it just a man made teaching?

14. What does the Bible meant of adding things to the Bible and receiving a curse from it? (Rev. 22:18).

15. If I have to take all of this Catholic teaching by faith yet its contrary to the Bible what does my faith be?

16. Could I pick and choose what I want to believe in the teaching of the Catholic Church? What about those laws of the Church that condemns me if I neglect some of their teachings?

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8 thoughts on “16 Crucial Questions Every Catholic Should Ask

  1. These questions only work if we are presupposing that the Catholic Church is dead wrong and is set against Scripture and true faith in Christ, this presupposition is very bigoted and condescending towards people like me who have studied the Catholic religion for 4 years and know that its teachings are Biblicaly based and that the Catholic Church goes back to the oldest Christian communities.

    It is an insult to those Catholics who suffer daily and out their faith in Jesus Christ daily.

    Maybe you should ask yourself, why do I make up stuff about Catholics and assume I am better or more faithful than them?

    Then ask yourself: By what criteria am I condemning people whom I totally misunderstand and how will God judge me?

    • ive been Catholic all my life…i live in a Catholic country…we have a culture of grounded to Catholicism…i have friends who are Catholics…i only post questions that are meant for Catholics to ask themselves. I think its not wrong to ask questions. I not saying Im more faithful or better than any Catholics…i know people who are more zealous and faithful than I am…but the question is is it in line with the Bible…again no where in my post you’ll read that I’m condemning anyone…I’m only giving Catholic something to think about…

  2. then ask yourself, what makes me right and THEM wrong?

    whose authority am I going by?

    why do I look down on Catholics so much?

    what do I need to understand and learn?

    is it possible I could be wrong?

    Dead right, finding the truth requires asking question, so start asking yourself these now!

    • the truth is we are ALL wrong…our sins make us wrong…God is right.He is right when He said salvation is by grace alone by faith alone. we can only be right in His sight only by Jesus Christ paying our sins on the cross…and there is no good works or religious works that will accept us to God. Only by His grace and mercy we are able to come to Him through Jesus. I dont deserve any of this but God is so rich in mercy He did it for His glory…friend I’m praying that you’ll find that freedom in Christ and boldy proclaim the truth even if people disagree with you. thats the effect of the gospel…

      where in the post can you read I look down to Catholics? friend read it again.

  3. Is Jesus my Savior or is he my helper to get to heaven. Let the pope answer this:

    “Are we not perhaps all afraid in some way? If we let Christ enter fuly into our lives, if we open ourselves totally to Him- are we not afraid that He might take something away from us?
    No! If we let Christ into our lives, we loose nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing of what makes life free, beautiful and great.
    No! Only in this friendship do we experience beauty and liberation. When we give ourselves to Him, we recieve a hundred-fold in return. Yes, open wide the doors to Christ- and you will find true life”

    – Pope Benedict XVI

    • i agree with the pope…but how about you? its a personal question…i dont know what’s in the heart of yours, or anyone or even the pope…we should ask it to ourselves…

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