Book Review: Preaching With Passion by Alex Montoya

Who is Alex Montoya?” I ask a friend of mine when he recommended this book when he saw it on PCBS. If I ask you if you know him you’ll probably scratch your head. Maybe out of curiosity you might as well check him out. And maybe if it wasn’t for the “Foreword by John MacArthur” indicated on the cover, you won’t give this book a second look!

Alex Montoya really knows what passionate preaching is and we should take heed in this 160 page book as he unravels eight characteristics of passionate preaching to us.  As a preacher himself, you can feel his passion to teach and encourage to preach with passion in every page. John MacArthur is right when he said in the Foreword, Alex “is infectious” and this book will “start an epidemic.”  Reading the book gave me insights on preaching with passion.  And I hope it will in your part as we all seek to effectively preach God’s Word. This book will ignite your passion for preaching every time you read it over and over again. Having this book will lead you to an exciting adventure and a fresh perspective on preaching.

As for my friend, I gave him a copy of the book and he is now enjoying the benefits of its content.

Notable quotes:

“The secret to passionate preaching is spiritual power. It is God at work in our lives.”

“Passion is the power, the drive, the energy, the life in the delivery of the sermon.”

“Men who have convictions and live by them will also preach with conviction.”

“Passion originates in the heart of God processed through the heart of man.”

“Great preachers are forged in the furnace of affliction.”

“Brokenness is a requirement for strong, vigorous, and passionate preaching.”

“Seminary trains the mind, but suffering trains the soul.”

“God breaks a man who is full of himself; then he is useful to God.”

This powerful book is published here in the Philippines by Back to the Bible for P165 (very cheap!). Before you buy it I suggest checking the preview of the entire book at Google Books.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Preaching With Passion by Alex Montoya

    • I lived in Quezon City for about 15 years. Now I reside in Toronto. I’ll be visiting the Philippines in May and so I’ll make sure to pick up that book (and others!) while I’m there!

      • ok bro…thats good maybe we can see each other when you come..hehehe…lots of books are cheap but sadly you cant find those important stuff for the ministry…you can see in pcbs all abt relationships…but anyway…hope you get the book and be bless!…

      • Sure! I love meeting with other pastors. I’ll let you know when I head for the country. We can grab coffee at Coffeebean. I miss our coffee shops. Sadly, we have no Coffeebeans in Canada!

      • wow that will be great…also I’ll bring some of our famous coffee here in Batangas…

        but im not a pastor…yet…but I do preach at our church. Im praying for it….

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