Used Book Finds: The Writer and The Writer’s Digest

  Been following blogs to help me improve my writing ability and style but nothing beats a physical material that won’t strain my eyes staring at my laptop. Just this year, as I was excavating BookSale (a second hand bookshop in the Philippines) I noticed they carry some writing magazines that are so inexpensive it cost P5-P10 per copy! Yes Virginia it’s so cheap! The magazines are “The Writer” and “The Writer’s Digest”. Both (though geared for secular writing) deliver the goods that are very useful for writers. From tips, advices, interviews, online exclusives etc.; the two magazines are great companions for writers especially for us bloggers. As of now I have 8 magazines in my collection and counting. I suggest that you go search it out at the nearest BookSale branch. You can also find them on the web: The Writer and The Writer’s Digest.Happy magazine hunting and blog writing!


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