(John 1:40-41)

Being popular and famous is one of the pursuits of this world. You’re significant and you exist if you are popular. You get noticed if you’re good looking, done a hit song or did a very charitable effort. You’re famous if you wear the latest clothing line, listen to cool music and be with the “in” people. That’s why we idolized movie stars and rock stars.  One of the vocations of this world is that we should be “liked” by everyone to be popular (that’s why a social network site is a hit because we get to “like” people).

That’s what this world promotes. We should be popular and famous.

But how about being a Christian? Do we get popular and famous? Aren’t we doing things for God? If we are doing things for God it means we are doing momentous works. Works that is not just important but something bigger than that.  What if in the process you go unnoticed? What if someone else gets all the attention?

In this study we will get into the life of Andrew, an apostle of Jesus and the brother of Simon Peter. But before we get there, let’s lay some foundational truth to further maximize the lesson we will learn.

Foundational truth: Check vs. 41 and you will see that Andrew leads Peter to Christ. This is what we call evangelism. Sharing the gospel of Christ (that saves of course) is evangelism. It is the life’s blood of Christianity because no one will be a Christian and the church will not built. It’s our mandate to evangelized (Matt. 28: 19-20). This is big and urgent duty for every Christian.

So what is the connection of this foundational truth on being unpopular? With that big task given to us, what if in the process, we don’t get recognized for our work? We remain in the side line or we are overshadowed by someone greater and more popular than us. Or what if, we done only one task and that’s it, nothing follows. That’s were Andrew is. And so some of us.

Let’s dig deeper on Andrew’s situation then draw lessons from God’s Word.

1.)    Unrecognized (v.40 and 42). Andrew is referred to as “Simon Peter’s brother”. Check out how many times Andrew was mentioned in the New Testament without referring him as Peter’s brother. Now check out other references of Andrew doing something significant other than the one in our study. Then check how many times Peter is referred in the Scripture. How would you feel that you are overshadowed by someone else? Your existence depends on who the other person is. You might have the talent and necessary skills but why aren’t you recognized?

In verse 42, check out what Jesus has to say to Peter. What would Andrew react? What would you react? What if all Christians will say “Jesus, wait how about me? You said something great about Peter. I’m the one who lead Peter to you.  I’m the one who first left John the Baptist for you? Am I not that important to you?”

2.)    Only one task mentioned (vs. 41). Now you’re unrecognized and now your only one work is mentioned. In Andrew’s case is leading Peter to Christ. Just that. How would you feel? One work. One deed. One fruit. Now are you discouraged?


a.)    Is this what Christianity all about?

b.)    Is God being unfair?

c.)    Is this what you’ll get for all your labors?

The answer to these questions is: NO. Why? Because the purpose and will of God matters even if we are in this discouraging situation. What should matter to us is what God considers most important.

So what should matter to God?

a.)    Love (vs. 41).” He first findeth…” Andrew loves Peter so much that he is the first he seeks to tell about Jesus. Out of love for Peter that Andrew first shared the good news to Peter. Are doing something out of love for God or just to get noticed?

b.)    Value of that one task (vs. 42)” a stone…” Peter became one the foundational stone of the church. Consider what happen at Pentecost? Three thousand souls were saved. Consider the letters or epistle that completes the Bible? Peter wrote two of them. But remember their will be no apostle Peter without Andrew sharing him the gospel. Are you seeking the great value of one thing rather the many things you can do for God?

c.)    Obedience (vs. 40) “and followed him…” Andrew followed Jesus Christ. Trust and obedience despite the outcome matters greatly to God. Our problem is not the outcome. That’s God’s problem. What we should think and ask ourselves is: are we obeying God? It is not how big, how many, how much or how high. Let God do the math for us. What matters is did we follow God with our heart, mind and soul?

In your life is there something that you have done that comes unnoticed? In this world you may be doing something insignificant by worldly standards but bear in mind, God’s opinion matters. Further God promises that He won’t overlook what you have done for His kingdom. If you done it for Him, it will echo to the halls of eternity.

(originally from R.O.C.K. Campus Ministry FB page Notes, December 5, 2010)


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