5 Things to do with Cult Literatures

Has someone handled you a copy of Pasugo or a Watchtower (Jehovah’s Witnesses) booklet and you don’t know what to do with it? Do you have a Book of Mormon or Steps to Christ in your room collecting dust? Well, check out this tips on what you can do with it.

  1. Read it. Well that’s so obvious.  Cults (a religious group claiming to be Christians but with aberrations to orthodox Christianity) can give you a chunk full of things to read about them. What should you expect from their writings? Well that’s another list topic articles^_^
  2. Clip it. Save those articles or booklets which give you a full view of their major doctrines. Use it on your ministry. Study it and compare it to the teachings of the Bible. See how they distort Bible verses, historical facts and exalt their leaders. Do an apologetic study on cults on your Sunday school.
  3. Blog it or make a Note on FB. I once wrote an article entitled “The Saddest Poem” on my blog. I used a poem from a Pasugo (Iglesia ni Cristo official magazine) as a springboard for salvation and eternal security entry. You can make one for yourself to warn others and point them to Christ.
  4. Send it to an apologetics ministry-haven’t tried it yet but it’s a great way to help those ministry as they expose errors of the cults. There are lots of them online (and I can guess you know some of them).  I think it will be best for them to receive old, rare and unique articles.
  5. Burn it. Get a match, lit it up and watch it burst into flames.

Is there something in your mind worth sharing? Please let me know.

(originally from my Facebook Notes, August 31, 2011)

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