R.O.C.K. Updates: Film Showing and Table Outreach at LPU


ROCK (Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom) campus ministry of Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Batangas held a Free Movie event on November 11-12, 2011.

The movie event was held in SHL Bldg. Case Room 202 and was attend by students of the Criminology Department headed by Mrs. Rowena Mojares (Department chair and R.O.C.K. adviser). The featured movies were the “Left Behind” series which tackles the topic of end times.

Aside from the movie, Aaron (the campus ministry president), Mheann (the secretary) and some youngsters of Good Shepherd Baptist Church set up a table outreach (courtesy of Lighting the Way Ministries) were they place booklets, magazines, and tracts not only for those who will attend the movie but for students passing by.

As for me I helped distribute “Book of Hope” magazines and was able to share a group of students. Elaine (a dean’s lister) and her buddies’ listen attentively, as I show them how sinful we are by God’s standard (the 10 commandments) and how Christ paid the penalty for sin. Please pray and support ROCK as it reaches lost souls for the gospel in this university.

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