5 Common and Effective Conversation Starters

Want to talk to a stranger but don’t know how to begin? Go and break the silence by using these 5 chat starters (by the way you can use it to share Christ with someone):


  1. Talk about the weather– this is one of the sure shot way to spark a talk marathon.
  2. Ask about the time– “What time is it?” certainly you’ll get a good reply.
  3.  Talk about something on the news-some tragic news can jumpstart a conversation and also ponder life.
  4. Notice the uniform– you can launch a chat by asking what school, company, position, level, etc that person you’re talking to by looking at their uniforms.
  5. Do you know (insert person’s name)? Ask them if they know this certain person or is he or she related to the one you’re talking to. Old folks love this question.

OK tell me what’s your conversation starters? Please post it on the comment.

(originally from my Facebook Notes, September 2, 2011)

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