Used Book Finds: Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman

Finding this classic book in two separate Booksale branch (a used/second hand bookstore in the Philippines) with different edition, gave me an idea of making a series of post on the old and latest edition of a book going head to head. I think it will be an interesting article isn’t it? Well here’s a sample. Let’s check the book.

Found two different edition of “Master Plan of Evangelism” (one is 1970 and the other is 2002) at a cheap price (P 45 for the old and P10 for the latest). Since it’s published in 1963, with scores of translations and millions touched by the message, this book made a mark on Christianity in terms of soul winning. Haven’t sat and seriously read it, but as I scan the book, this is straight to the point, no non-sense book on evangelism. As the title suggest, it is a “master plan”, a very biblical blueprint for the Great Commission laid for the church. It’s a strategy not for a certain era or for a specific place. It’s a classic book indeed that will stand the time. Finding it to be useful for our campus ministry; I gave the newer edition to our student president. Then found another copy of that edition and bought it (God is in it). I suggest you get it from your favorite Christian Bookstore or Amazon. Now let’s compare the two edition of this book.


Master Plan of Evangelism

 by Robert E. Coleman

1970 Edition

2002 (Second) Abridged Edition





No. of Copies in Print/ Sold

over 120, 000 in print

more than 2 million sold




About the Author

yes it has

yes it has


Paul S. Rees

Paul S. Rees



Billy Graham



30, with people like Chuck  Swindoll, Carl F. Henry, Bill Bright, D. Stuart Briscoe as notable







               Additional Section


        Selected Bibliography

It’s not just a novelty to own both editions of Master Plan for Evangelism but to see how God use this book throughout the years. I hope and pray it will continue to endure years so that it will be useful to the body of Christ.

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