5 Awesome Ways to Relax

Give yourself a break. You need it. And here’s five ways you can actually do.

  1. Get off the computer-or anything that has a screen. Flee from your online friends. Stop thumbing your android app. Do it now (after you read this article).
  2. Read a book- get your Bible or a Christian book. Lay on a hammock on a breezy afternoon. Perfect!
  3. Drink coffee-if coffee is not your turf, drink ice cold ice tea. Add cake. Now that’s relaxingly sweet.
  4. Chat with friends– not Facebook or Skype but face to face conversation. Catch up on what new about them. Grab a bite to make your time with them special.
  5. Sleep– Give yourself a rewarding sleep for a change. Have a power nap or 8 hour slumber. It will recharge you body and mind for another tiring day.

Any thoughts on how to relax? Please post it on the comment.

(originally from my Facebook Notes September 14, 2011)


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