5 Reasons Why Jotting Notes While Listening to A Sermon is Important

How do you prepare for a sermon? What are the ways the lesson from God’s word will remain in your heart and mind? I think one of the best and the easiest way is to write it down. And here are the reasons:

  1. Listening is not enough. It’s like being there is not enough. You must make much of the preaching by taking notes or recording it. You can personalize it or put it in your own words so you’ll better understand the message.
  2. To meditate from it. You must write it down on a notebook the topic and text of the sermon.  In that way you can check it easily without figuring out what book or chapter. You can re-read it in the following days.
  3. To retain it. For some scribbling notes can actually help memorize the sermon itself. It works sometimes for me. Well some parts of it. Writing down not just the verse but also the main lessons are the best.
  4. To be attentive and stay focus. Jotting sermons down is useful to maintain focus and avoid getting sleepy.  Well that’s a secondary use of writing while listen but the truth is it really helps.
  5. To easily share it to someone. Have you been in a situation that a sermon gave you a spiritual jolt and want to tell it to someone but you’re having a hard time to explain it? Can’t remember that inspiring verse or quote? Jot it down and share it easily to someone.

How do you make much of a sermon? Please post it on the comment.

(originally from my Facebook Notes September 22, 2011)

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Jotting Notes While Listening to A Sermon is Important

  1. I wish more church people could read this! This is one of the small things people can do to improve their spiritual lives. Truth be told, people are forgetful. I keep lessons in a journal simply because I have poor memory. And when I do my devotions, I review past lessons just to remind myself what I’ve learned already.

  2. Writing notes will help you to focus and listen to the sermon and you can right down points that you really want to retain. It is a great habit while listening. Hearing it, then writing it and then re-reading it will help embed it in our hearts. It will help keep us from floating.

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