6 Powerful Sermons Found in The Bible


If I ask you what is the greatest sermon ever preached, what will come to your mind? Is it from Spurgeon, John Wesley or that of Jonathan Edwards? Yes they have powerful and soul stirring preaching but nothing comes close to sermons found in God’s Word.

Jonah preached in Nineveh- (Jonah 3 & 4 unrecorded though). This prodigal prophet doesn’t even care for the people of Nineveh but he preached anyway. The result? To his surprise all the people of this great city repented and turn to God! Amazing! This goes to show God’s sovereignty over preaching even if it’s a drag for us to do it.  We should tremble over that thought and proclaim the gospel diligently.

John the Baptist on the plains of Jordan– (Matt. 3:2, 7-12; Mark 1: 3, 7-8). What a great message from a great emissary to the coming King and Messiah! He opened Jesus ministry life with the preaching of repentance and for him to give way to the gospel Himself.

The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ-(Matt. 5-7). The greatest and the most famous preaching in the NT. A no holds bar discourse of the essential teachings of Christ, a new way of living for those who wants to follow the kingdom of God and how we should cherish our God.  At the end of this glorious message, the audience was left astonished.  And so are we in the 21st century.

The Apostle Peter’s Pentecost Message– (Acts 2) this is one of the greatest revival preaching ever recorded. As soon as the Holy Spirit came to the followers they became bold as a lion for Christ cause. Peter’s powerful gospel message yield 3,000 people saved and baptized in that day.

The Apostle Paul on Mars Hill– (Acts 17) Paul preached to the intellectual skeptics Gentiles (non-Jew). A powerful sermon using the creation story then pointing them to Christ. Remember his Greek listeners don’t have a biblical foundation. This is a good model of presenting the gospel to a different culture. Few got saved; still God is in this very bold preaching.

Stephen’s last Sermon (Acts 6:8-7) – What a finale for the life this first martyr of Christendom. His preaching is full of faith and power (6:10) that it became irresistible to his listener that they have to kill him to stop it (7:57). While the unbelieving Jews burn with anger, Jesus gave his faithful apostle a standing ovation (7:56). He didn’t waste his life. He gave it to the very last to God.

So what’s your favorite sermon that is in the Bible? Please post it on the comment section.

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