5 Essential Steps in Creating a Christian Blog

  1. Ask first why and what will you blog- Why in the first place you need a blog? Consider also the topic or theme of your blog. What will you post?
  2. Choose a Title for your Blog-a nifty name that sounds catchy but also will glorify God. It could be your name or what you do.
  3. Choose blogging sites for your blog-there are lots of free blogging site. Choose a blog site that will fit your taste. Samples of blog sites are Bloggers and the famous WordPress.
  4. Tie it with you social networking sites- for promotional purposes so you can gather readers. Most people are on Facebook or Twitter so it’s good if you can post it there for everyone to read. With a few copy and paste you can put a sharing tool to your blog to easily post it on a social networking site.
  5. Do something totally radical- Be unique. Make a mark. Do something that your blog will stand out from the rest.

Can you add something to the list or tell me some blogging adventures you have?

(originally from my Facebook Notes October 12, 2011)

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